martedì 16 febbraio 2016

Ramunas Navardauskas

Ramunas Navardauskas - Giro d'Italia 2012
When he came third on the World Championship finish last year, it didn't sound as a surprise to me. I remember really well the Giro 2012, when he was wearing the rosa jersey for two days in a row. It was a short experience, but he was really young, and I was sure that it would had built something solid for his carreer. His most exciting performance remain the stage win at Tour de France in 2014, when he was able to win solo against the entire peloton chasing for the final sprint. We have to follow him closely, 'cause Ramunas is ready to surprise us again.

2 commenti:

Michele Mazzieri ha detto...

E' il giorno del Passo della Cappella, vero? Me lo ricordo parecchio in difficoltà quel giorno, poveretto!

Alessandro Federico ha detto...

Esatto! dalle parti di Morrovalle. Una salitina insidiosissima, dove perse contatto.