lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Chris Froome

Chris Froome - Giro d'Italia 2009
There isn't anything new we can write about Chris Froome; there are detailed articles and books about his life and you can even read his tweets almost daily. There has been some speculation about his phisical data released by his staff last November, showing his phisical progresses in the years, proving that power was slightly increased but weight definitively cut (final aim of this action was to proove he is not doped). This picture I shot on San Luca, in a very hot day at Giro 2009, cannot be a scientific evidence but says something. Stylish he didn't change, but weight was cut a lot with any doubt.
That day Chris was in the break, tryed an attack on the final climb but that was a short one. Won Gerrans, Froome came 6th, just before Kyryienka (also in the picture), now his faithful team-mate.

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