venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

Ian Boswell

Ian Boswell - Il Lombardia 2015
When I shot in such condition I really don't know who's going to be captured by the camera sensor. The race was flying on the road and I was very busy on top of the dam of the small fish harbor in Onno, to catch some good picture giving the real feel of the speed.
Then the winter gave me the opportunity to meet with the rider that I shot and this was the case with US rider Ian Boswell. I admit I didn't know him until I made some investigation, starting from the race number (212) well visible in the picture. A look to his palmares on Procyclingstats and then some more investigation on his personal page to know that he's still very young and had just few opportunities in the World Tour. The case wanted him captured that day in Onno, while I was exercising my equilibrium on the thiny dam of the fish harbor. My will was to have him in our collection of riders.

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