giovedì 4 febbraio 2016

Greg Van Avermaet

Greg Van Avermaet - Tirreno Adriatico 2016
He fits well with the blue jersey of the leader of the Tirreno Adriatico. Probably few people remember that the traditional leader jersey of this race was mixing red and yellow colors but that turned blue only starting from the 2008 edition (won by Cancellara).
However, the blue want to recall the color of the sea, because this race keeps her name from the two seas that her route connect in about 7 days: the Tyrrenian, on the west side of Italy and the Adriatic, on the east coast. Now, who doesn't know Italy may think these are just part of the same sea, the Mediterranean, which is not even an ocean. But actually the differences bewteen one and the other are big. I love both of them because I had the luck to live on both of them. So that I may consider the Tirreno Adriatico the short story of my life. 
Whoever is wondering why the traditional jersey was red and yellow, well, just wait few days for the next post!

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