martedì 1 marzo 2016

Strade Bianche 2016

Strade Bianche
Next Saturday, in Tuscany, few kilometers from here, it will take place the 10th edition of Strade Bianche. This is a new race in a calendar that proposes several events with more than 100 years edition. However, for some reason, this competition has already penetrated the heart of the supporters and ,what's more surprising, the supporters from Belgium. This is an Italian race, organized by Italian RCS and located far away from north Europe, but the Belgians are considering it at the same level of one of their semi-classics in Flanders. Proof of that is their top three teams will take part of Strade Bianche, and last two edition were won by the almost-Belgian-National-team Etixx Quick Step. 
Reason of this may be the beauty of the Siena's landscape, or the charm of the gravel, or both of them. I only know I've been also got infected by the glamoury athmosphere at the start, by the sound of the wheels on the white grit on the road, and the rythmic metallic noise of the chains stressed by the stress, and by the steep crowdy road climbing the town till one of the most famous squares in the World. Il Campo.

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