lunedì 11 aprile 2016

Mathew Hayman

Mathew Hayman - Tirreno Adriatico 2015
Many people was surprised by the fact that the 37 years old Mathew Hayman won the Paris Roubaix after a long dignified, but not sucessful, career in pro cycling. In fact in the past we have seen other winners bridging the gap with the experience. Magnus Backsted is the first name I may recall. The fact is that to win Paris Roubaix you need to build a lot of experience and to do so you have to loose it many times. I refer to Vanmarcke, who was possibly the stronger in the group ahead. By a personal point of view, I'm happy Hayman won, because I believe is one honest riders, always working hard in group for the team. I remember last year his break at Tirreno Adriatico stage 4, together with his teammate Durbridge when they climbed the big climb to Monte San Romualdo but they crashed in the following descent. Sometimes luck comes back.

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