giovedì 5 gennaio 2017

Giro 2016 - The Day Before

Dutch people riding on the track the day before the Big Start
The 'People-of-the-Day-Before' have their own appeal. Some of them are there for the race, others even don't know there will be a race the day after. Someone has already been studying the track for a long time, to someone else that track is just their everyday road to go shopping or visiting a friend. Barriers or not. What I loved in the Netherlands is that, anyway, everyone was on the track by bicycle. Just me walking. 
In Apeldoorn, many, so many, were working in their houses gardens, or just outside the gates, to make their little space up and get it ready to welcome Giro as best as possible.


Dutch people creativity involved but not surprised me. I had strong memories of their sane 'madness'. Every excuse is good to party, to be together, to share a beer while playing techno music. But I could find more calm corners too. A lady was decorating the garden of her house with all the pink clothes she had. Shirts, sweaters, trousers, socks, blankets. Whatever. A nice design.
The day of the race I ended up there again, she reminded me and she even offered me a piece of an amazing cake. It was a big gift to me, I was almost running out of fuel...

Houses decorated with pinky clothes

Exactly in front of her house, a boy was literally building a little stand, even with wooden steps. During the prologue, 40 friends drinking, eating food with ketchup and mayo and, from time to time, supporting and cheering those pedaling guys who would have eaten ketchup and mayo maybe only after months and months.

Few meters ahead, after a right-hand turn, that was still left-hand to many 'People-of-the-Day-Before", a man behind a gate, with a huge dog, was dressing up his garden. I told him it was my second time in the Netherlands. He replied he came to Italy once. A little detail, he made everything by bike. 3000 km...

Even building stands into gardens

Dutch people disarm for their efficiency and effectiveness. A dream for any big technology company. Is there something to do? We will do it and it will work! Maybe their style could be a bit revised, but they wouldn't be the same. They wouldn't be Dutch anymore. A time trial finds its perfect place in the Orange country. Giving all your best, from the start to the end. And time matters.

After all, every show is a real show when it feels the place where it happens. And when people who attend can find an empathy with the place itself and they follow its own rhythm. Searching for and trying to follow this rhythm is so fascinating, even if it is far from your own lifestyle. You come back home with a new little piece of the world in your backpack.

Maarten Tjallingi (Team Lotto-NL Jumbo) was the idol during Dutch days of Giro

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